Enzo 02.21.17

This is Enzo, he was born February 21st.

He weighed 10lbs even and was 22 inches long, had super thick hair and perfectly chubby cheeks.

He had a shoulder dystocia (that’s what it’s called when baby’s head passes through the pelvis but he/she gets stuck at the shoulders ). They’re common but his was a really severe case.

He was stuck for 8 minutes, during that time the cord collapsed which lead to oxygen deprivation that caused him to asphyxiate. They weren’t able to revive him.

This picture shows how chunky he was.

He was just perfect. These pictures were taken by someone in the hospital right after he was born so there wasn’t any change yet (he did have bruising though from being stuck though) , I edited the second one to make it black and white.