Codie James 03.08.16

At a very young age I was told I could never have a child, my life turned 360 when I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t want to believe it because I thought I would get my hopes up. It was true, I finally conceived. Joys ran though my body that I never thought would happen. I went to every doctor appointment and everything was fine. I was 26 weeks along on 3/7/16. I was scheduled for a high risk doctor for check up, and that’s when I heard the worst news of my life, my sweet Codie James was no longer with us. They believe it was his heart but not 100% sure. I delivered my sweet baby boy on 3/8/16 weighing 1.7lbs and 13 in long. Mommy and daddy love you CODIE JAMES and we will hold you again one day.

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